Appennino Lucano Park

Appennino Lucano Park

A trip to the Parco dell'Appennino Lucano

A trip to the Parco dell'Appenino Lucano means to visit and learn about a vast territory, including many municipalities in the Basilicata region, among which we mention a few: Armento, Brienza, Castelsaraceno, Gallicchio, Lagonegro, Laurenzana, Marsicovetere, Moliterno, Montemurro, Nemoli, Paterno, San Martino d'Agri, Satriano di Lucania, Spinoso, Tramutola, Viggiano. Nature is truly fascinating and one is enchanted by the great variety of landscapes that can be admired. The visitor will have the impression of seeing photographs of different places pass before his eyes, although connected by the constant beauty and richness. Also the fauna is very influenced by the area of ​​the neighboring parks, and an exchange of genes is appreciated among protected wildlife populations.

Itineraries of the Park of the Lucan Apennines

The offer of itineraries in the Parco dell'Appenino Lucano are many and varied, they can be covered on foot, by bicycle and on horseback, let's see some of them. The Silver Spruce itinerary, starting from the Acque del Prosciutto area, is very interesting as far as flora is concerned. For wine and food lovers, the itinerary to discover the typical flavors is perfect, after a short or long walk through the wonders of the Apennine Park of Lucano Val d'Agri in the province of Livorno, a food and wine tasting is offered. A nice hike of medium difficulty leads to the Copone di Marsicovetere spring and up to the summit of Mount Volturino. The easy-to-follow route of the Scavi Grumentum - Bosco Maglie, is also of great interest and leads to the small Pompei Lucana.

How to reach the Park of the Lucanian Apennines

Let's see how to reach the Parco dell'Appenino Lucano, by car take the A3 motorway, exiting at the exit of Atena Lucana, then taking the SS 598 Val d'Agri; Padula to reach Paterno; Lagonegro, to reach Mount Sirino; Lauria, following the SS 653 in the direction of Sinnica and Castelsaraceno. With the A16 motorway exit at Candela and head towards Basentana and Potenza on the SS 497. Arriving from Potenza and Matera take the SS 407, from Taranto and Sibari take the SS 106 Ionica and the SS 598 Val D ' Agri. By train the nearest stations are Potenza, Sapri, Maratea, Policoro. By bus there are direct connections from the main cities to Potenza and points of intersection with the regional lines. The airports are Salerno-Pontecagnano, Naples, Bari, Lamezia Terme, Grumento Nova Airfield.

Parco Appennino Lucano: Environmental education

The ultimate goal of the park is always environmental education, even the Apennine Lucan National Park has a full program of approaching the environment and its themes, aimed primarily at children but not only them. "And ... you are in the Parks" and in the protected areas 2014, the third edition of this interesting project to learn about and appreciate nature and wildlife. The ecological fable, the competition to create a comic strip dedicated to the environment. This project involved many school children who created the "u rumit" mask, the tree man mask of the Satriano di Lucania carnival. Furthermore, an important awareness-raising action is being carried out on the problem of forest fires. Last year, truly beautiful initiatives have been carried out, "Natura и Musica" and "Albero dell'Acqua", which have found a great deal of success among young people and tourists.