Sultana grapes

The Sultanina grape is a particular variety of white table grapes, originating in Asia and subsequently spread in the Mediterranean. The main characteristic of this grape variety is that it has very sweet, small and seedless berries. These elements make it particularly suitable for drying in the sun or in special rooms called driers. The color of the grapes goes from a bright green to an amber color, to then arrive at the characteristic brownish color of the dried grapes that we find in the market. The harvest is carried out in September and despite being a native plant of Asia, nowadays the countries that have the primacy in the production of raisins are Australia and Turkey. The Sultanina vines are vigorous and require numerous pruning, fresh and deep soils and fairly warm climates.

Raisin: natural energy

The raisin is a caloric and nutritional distillate, being rich in simple sugars, mineral salts and fibers. The large amount of fructose contained in the raisins makes it a very energetic food, excellent for those who do physical activity or in any case for those who need to have an immediate calorie intake, however the quantity of sugars contained in the raisins makes it a food to be excluded in weight loss diets and in diabetic subjects. The raisins have a high concentration of mineral salts, potassium (regulator of blood pressure), calcium and iron, even if the last two are not 100% absorbable. The rich fiber content of raisins makes it a useful food to fight against constipation, provided that you drink a lot of water to make it perform its function.

Antioxidants and oral cavity protectors

In addition to the various nutritional elements, raisins contain substances that can best regulate our body and help it fight tumors. These substances, called phenolics, have an evident antioxidant, antitumor, cholesterol-lowering and regulatory action on carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, these substances contribute to the inhibition of the bacterial load present in the oral cavity, thus slowing down the formation of caries. However, it should be remembered that we are talking about a food with a high carbohydrate content, excessive doses can therefore canceling the positive characteristics just illustrated, given the high concentration of simple sugars could affect the metabolism and increase the bacterial load of the oral cavity.

Prepare it at home

Preparing raisins is not a difficult task to do, first of all let's get grapes from Sultanina or other white grapes. Remove the grapes and wash them under running water, collect them with kitchen paper or a cloth and dry them thoroughly. Spread them on a perforated surface, so that they can breathe, and expose them to the sun. Once in a while turn it so that the drying is uniform and above all come back during the night to prevent it from absorbing moisture. they will be dry, take them and keep them in glass containers. With time, the sugars inside the grapes will crystallize, making it dry and floury, before use, soak it in water, alcohol or fruit juice to rehydrate it.