Polycarbonate greenhouses

Polycarbonate greenhouses


The various types of greenhouses are useful in regions where winters are harsh, but they are also advantageous for those who want to cultivate plants, flowers or vegetables for a longer period, anticipating or delaying the natural season of each variety. Now the choice is wide. both for materials and dimensions: even balconies and terraces can have a customized greenhouse, functional and aesthetically valid. The roofs of the greenhouse can be rigid, semi-rigid or with plastic films. The plastic covers are flexible, fairly durable, light, manageable and above all economical. On the other hand, however, they have a limited duration, often require traction because they deform and do not retain heat. Rigid sheets have longer life, better resistance to UV rays, less heat loss and require little maintenance. On the other hand, they have a higher cost, but the expense is compensated for by durability. Among the rigid covers is polycarbonate, of which we now evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

Polycarbonate greenhouses

Among the rigid materials that can constitute a greenhouse, between glass and Plexiglas, there is to consider polycarbonate, or a polyester of carbonic acid. Greenhouse models of this type are light but resistant. Much less heavy than glass, ten times less, they can be placed on balconies or in particular corners. Often they are preferred as an alternative to glass because of their lightness, but also because of the high breaking point. These structures can be alveolar or compact, in slabs of different thickness. The structure in alveolar polycarbonate with simple or multi-wall walls, with thicknesses from 4 to 16 mm, is excellent for the properties of thermal insulation. The anti-UV panels ensure good transparency, an important factor for plant growth and health. The loss of transparency in 5 years is around 10%. Other advantages are: impact resistance, flexibility and guarantee for many years against breakage and yellowing. Furthermore, it must be considered that thermal insulation saves energy costs in heated greenhouses.


The higher cost of this type of greenhouse is offset by its performance. Knowing the characteristics of the place where the greenhouse will be placed allows you to make the best choice. The so-called greenhouse effect is the one determined by the covers which, by filtering and retaining some radiations, create and maintain the right micro-climate. The choice to mount a greenhouse in this material allows you to grow plants and vegetables throughout the year, helping those who do it for work and those who cultivate for passion. Polycarbonate is also very suitable for those who want to build a DIY greenhouse; its lightness and manageability make it suitable for those who are not experts in this field. The best exposure is oriented to the south or west and, if it is a greenhouse for amateur purposes, the possibility of leaning it against a pre-existing wall allows both to exploit the wall and to obtain a more sheltered environment, which exploits the heat of the sun.

Grow in a polycarbonate greenhouse

We have seen that this type of greenhouse allows good thermal insulation and good transparency, both important factors for the growth of plants in greenhouses. It is therefore important to keep the walls clean so as not to compromise the brightness. Even the interior of the greenhouse, counters, vases and plants should be periodically cleaned and disinfected, so as not to favor the proliferation of fungal diseases and molds due to humidity. For the good functionality of the structures do not forget to oil door and vent hinges. The latter are decisive and must also be present in small models, since they allow to manage the climate inside, but above all the degree of humidity. The polycarbonate greenhouses they are a good solution for those who, in areas of harsh climate, want to cultivate even in winter and for those who want to manage crops with a certain degree of security. The duration of these structures and the performances they offer make it a very interesting investment to take into consideration.