McCulloch chainsaws

McCulloch chainsaws

McCulloch chainsaws

The opaque black that distinguishes the external parts, in McCulloch chainsaws, alternates with glossy black and yellow that color the internal parts; in a synchrony of colors that express the concept of the power with which they are endowed. They are available in two essential lines: petrol and electric engines. In this way they allow all types of users to have a medium suitable for cutting wood. The private person who has to prepare the wood for the fireplace or the wood stove will find the means most suitable for him in the electric saw line. Easy to use, comfortable (it is sufficient to connect them to a normal household electrical outlet) and resistant. If the private individual has a larger garden or an extended orchard, he can look towards the more powerful models, such as the professional.

McCulloch electric saws

McCulloch electric saws are aimed at both private and professional users. To the private they are offered as the type of comfortable, fast and easy to use equipment that this user needs. To the professional they allow the use in closed places, without the problem of the emission of harmful substances. With a reduced weight ranging from 3.5 kg to 3.7 kg in the heavier version (of course, cutting bars excluded), these machines are, above all, extremely manageable. The cutting bars, which are available in sizes from 35 and 40 cm in length, allow the cutting of branches or strips of small and medium size that the engines with power ratings of 1,800 and 2,000 watts easily perform. Precisely in order to be usable by everyone and in any place where normal electricity is present, the motors are built for operation with voltages at 230 volts.

Chainsaws with petrol engine

The Mc Culloch chainsaws with petrol engine are suitable for those who must work in places where there is no electric current or, more simply, want to have greater freedom of movement. Within the range there are vehicles suitable for both private and professional use. Models suitable for cutting medium-small sized branches, woody shrubs, but also large trunks. Machines designed for garden, orchard or professional intervention in the woods. Equipped with Oxypower engines that allow a lowering of consumption, parallel to increased intrinsic powers of the engines. Great attention to performance even in the professional field: the chainsaws of this segment had a 30% reduction in fuel consumption; while polluting emissions have been reduced by 70%.

The security

Mc Culloch's attention to details is also demonstrated in the attention to the safety of those who use its products: its chainsaws are equipped with chain tensioning systems where everything happens without the use of tools. Even the replacement of the chain holder bar takes place without the use of keys or screwdrivers. The Soft Start system, then, allows you to reduce the force to be used for tearing by 40%, greatly facilitating starting. The inertial mechanical brake further increases safety, while the soft grips improve comfort. Despite the technical solutions, the chainsaws remain vehicles to be used, not only very carefully, but also in conjunction with the use of specific safety equipment. Noise-reducing headphones, gloves, clothing and footwear should never be missing.