Description of the tomato variety Apples in the snow, its characteristics and yield

Description of the tomato variety Apples in the snow, its characteristics and yield

Reviews of people who grow vegetables speak of the search for tomatoes that endure a sharp change in weather conditions. For residents of cold regions, the apples in the snow tomato variety are suitable. They are not only grown in harsh climatic zones, but also have a strong immunity to tomato diseases. Apples in the snow is an original variety, which was bred by breeders from Russia.

More about tomato

The characteristic and description of the tomato variety Apples in the snow is simple and does not contain information that would be incomprehensible to the gardener. The versatile vegetables are suitable for growing outdoors and in greenhouses. Fans of fresh tomatoes in early spring plant it in pots and take it out on balconies or loggias. Low-growing bushes do not cause much trouble, as they are characterized by compactness.

Apples in the snow are an early ripening variety with a high yield. The bush has a minimum number of leaves. The height of the determinant plant ranges from 65 cm. Small leaves of rich green color, and the stem is a few tones lighter.

Fruits and harvest

To increase the yield of the crop, pinching is carried out, while forming a bush. On one bunch, the fruits ripen at the same time. There can be from 4 to 8 pieces on a branch. At the time of fruiting, the plant looks beautiful. 50 pieces are collected from one bush, with most of them selected - from 30 to 37 pieces.

Fruit weight does not exceed 70 g. Small, they have a rounded shape, slightly flattened in the region of the stalk. There are no spots or excessive ribbing near the peduncle. The skin, the covered pulp, is thin. At the same time, it has a good density and does not allow tomatoes to crack from excessive moisture in the form of precipitation.

At the time of ripening, tomatoes have a rich red pulp. It is dense, but still juicy. Despite its small size, there are many chambers inside the tomato. Sweetish, light and pleasant taste has subtle sour notes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Tomatoes stand out from other varieties with the following number of advantages:

  • fruits with the size of a walnut will appeal to gourmets, and will also delight children in size;
  • they are distinguished by early ripening of the harvest, they enjoy fresh vegetables already in mid-June;
  • immunity remains stable due to its protective properties;
  • one bush yields 50–75 ripe tomatoes;
  • do not lend themselves to parasitic pests.

In contrast to the advantages, the variety has only one drawback - in rare cases, it can avoid late blight. Except for this moment, no more negative moments with the culture are noted.

Apples in the snow can be eaten in any form - fresh, as one of the ingredients in a salad, and can also be preserved for the winter. It will be an excellent side dish for fish or meat dishes. The bright color of the tomato will help you create assorted vegetables in the jar. Fresh tomatoes are stored for a long time. Therefore, they can delight the whole family until the fall.

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