Characteristics and description of the Bistrenok tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Bistrenok tomato variety, its yield

Tomato "Bystrenok" f1 is one of the earliest hybrids of this type of culture. Early varieties of tomatoes generally ripen up to 100 days, and "Bystrenok" is ready after 85 days. It can be grown both in open ground and under film coatings.

We characterize "Bistrenka"

The description of this tomato includes such features as determinancy, compactness, and the already mentioned early maturity. Representatives of this variety grow up to 75 cm, 85-90 days pass from sowing to ripening.

The ultra-early readiness of the fruit is an undeniable advantage, especially for regions where farming can be risky. Therefore, many garden fans opt for low-growing early varieties: picking tomatoes for pickling will then turn out in the last days of June.

This circumstance is important for gardeners who would like to save precious time when caring for the crop and turn their attention to garden cultivation.

As for the tomato bush, it cannot be called sprawling. Its maximum height is 80 cm. However, tomatoes need a garter to a support and pinching. The latter involves the elimination of lateral shoots arising from the leaf sinuses. The procedure will help to get the best harvest and provide the necessary protection against diseases.

According to the recommendations of the growers, the plants are formed into three stems. In the absence of a strong rush to get the crop, it is better to pinch the first brush. The tomato will ripen a little later, but its yield will not be affected in any way.

The main valuable characteristics of the variety are:

  1. Evenness of tomatoes;
  2. Consistently high yield,
  3. Unforgettable pleasant taste;
  4. Parallel formation of all ovaries with subsequent fruiting;
  5. Resistance to various diseases inherent in tomato crops.

So, possessing early maturity, these tomatoes give their owners an excellent harvest before the appearance of such a scourge as late blight.

Traits of fruits of tomato "Bistrenok f1"

The characteristics of the fruit part of the described variety are as follows:

  • Roundness, smoothness, density;
  • By weight - 110-120, maximum up to 180 grams;
  • During ripening, they acquire a dark pink hue;
  • The pulp of the fruit is very tender and tasty, especially for early varieties;
  • They are not prone to cracking;
  • Can be transported without problems.

According to numerous reviews of the Bistrenok f1 tomato, it has a universal purpose. Ideal for early fresh salads and homemade preparations. Its average fruit size, dense flesh and resistance to cracking and spreading during salting has become popular with many housewives.

On the features of sowing and crop care

It is recommended to sow tomatoes for seedlings a couple of months or even a little less before the moment when a soil planting is supposed. Anyway, this is March. They are planted at a centimeter or one and a half centimeter depth. Seedlings should be pricked during the period when the initial true leaves appear. So, the plants are ready for open ground when they reach 50 days, in heated greenhouses - in April, and in temporary-type film shelters - a month later.

The planting pattern for tomatoes is called 70 x 40 cm; when planting in a stable place, each square meter assumes the placement of up to 5 individuals. Watering is necessary rarely, but abundantly at the very root. As for dressings, then in the season they are carried out in the amount of four to five. The variety is well exposed to such procedures as hilling and loosening.

Despite the fact that the tomato is already ripening before the onset of late blight, it is advisable to organize preventive treatment against it. Its scheme is a three-time procedure with a break of ten days. Appropriate insect and disease protection agents are also used as needed.

Today, the tomato world is replenished with an increasing number of varieties and hybrids, so it is important to know the purpose of each of them and then make your choice according to your preferences. For those who like ultra-early species, try taking the Bistrenok f1 seeds for growing.

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