Characteristics and description of the tomato variety A gardener's dream, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety A gardener's dream, its yield

One of the elite varieties is the gardener's dream tomato. Yielding, unpretentious, tomato is characterized by early fruit ripening. When planting this variety on the site, you can expect the first ripe tomatoes in the last decade of June. No special hassle is required when growing it. The tomato is quite disease resistant. The yield of the variety is good.

General information

This tomato was bred by Russian breeders. The characteristics and description of the variety indicate that its purpose is to grow in greenhouses with a film coating or glazed, in open areas.

Tomatoes of the Gardener's Dream variety have low bushes (determinant). Ripening begins quite early, so such tomatoes are the dream of any gardener. The growing season is only 95 to 100 days.

The height of a tomato bush can reach about 60 - 70 cm. The leafiness is medium. The ovary is formed on the brushes of 4 - 6 pieces. One bush can have up to 5 brushes. With proper care of a plant from 1 sq. m, you can collect up to 6.8 kg of tomatoes. The harvested crop is well stored and does not deteriorate during transportation.

The fruits of this tomato variety have a rounded-flattened shape. The surface is smooth, glossy without pronounced ribbing. As tomatoes ripen, they acquire a bright scarlet hue. The average weight of one tomato is 180 g. The tomato pulp has a pleasant taste, moderately dense and juicy texture. Features of taste are due to the high content of sugar and lycopene. In a tomato, most of the volume is occupied by the seed chambers.

Tomatoes of the Gardener's Dream variety are consumed fresh, they prepare salads, sauces, and add to soups. Ripe tomatoes are used to make juices.

Characteristic pros and cons of the variety

The main positive qualities of the variety are excellent taste of fruits, ease of cultivation, early ripening, small size of the bush, and resistance to diseases. One of the drawbacks of the Gardener's Dream is the need to pinch and tie heavy branches.

Growing rules

The process of planting tomato seeds of the Gardener's Dream variety to obtain seedlings begins in the second half of March. Immediately before sowing, the seeds of the variety are treated with a special growth stimulator. This ensures rapid germination and enhances plant immunity.

In containers prepared for planting, soil is poured, consisting of compost, sod land and river sand. To decontaminate the soil, it is calcined in an oven or plentifully watered with a solution of potassium permanganate of low concentration.

The temperature of the room in which the containers with germinated seeds will be located should be about +23 degrees. The container is covered with foil or glass. Only after the seeds germinate and the first shoots appear, the temperature drops by 2 - 3 degrees, and the containers are placed in such a way as to provide access to sunlight for 12 - 14 hours. The cover must be removed from the container.

Seedling lighting

In case of insufficient natural light, additional lighting with fluorescent lamps is carried out to stimulate photosynthesis. It is impossible to carry out illumination throughout the day without a break, since the necessary biological processes also occur in the dark.

At this time, watering of tomatoes is carried out using a watering can, with settled heated water. After the first true leaves appear, the seedlings are dived and the first feeding is carried out with mineral complex fertilizers.

2 weeks before planting seedlings in the ground, they are hardened. To do this, pots with tomato seedlings are taken out into the open air.

Planting seedlings in soil

Transplanting into the greenhouse begins in early May, and transplanting them under the film is carried out somewhat later. It is necessary to pay attention that the soil at the time of planting has a temperature of at least 14 degrees at a 15-centimeter depth. Seedlings are planted in areas where onions, parsley, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers previously grew.

Experienced gardeners advise adding wood ash and superphosphate (1 tbsp) to each hole. Tomatoes of this variety are planted in the ground so that their number per 1 sq. m did not exceed 4 plants.

Although the bushes of the variety are not tall, they have quite a lot of stems, so pinching is required. The stepchildren break off at the moment when their size reaches about 4 cm. Usually, for 1 tomato bush, it is enough to leave 1 - 2 main stems, the rest must be removed in a timely manner.

Irrigation mode

Watering is carried out as the soil dries up. Abundant watering with stagnant water is harmful to tomato. This can lead to rotting of the root system of the bush.

During the ripening of tomatoes, watering is limited so that sugar is formed in the fruits, and the tomatoes have a richer taste.

During the season, the plant is fed 3-4 times. Phosphate and potash fertilizers are required.

We fight disease and insect pests

Tomatoes of the gardener's Dream variety are quite resistant to the occurrence of typical diseases (fusarium, apical and root rot). Early ripening of fruits on the bushes provides resistance to late blight. If there is a danger of late blight infection, spraying with preparations containing copper is carried out.

For the purpose of prevention, the bushes of the gardener's Dream variety are treated with "Fitosporin" or other similar non-toxic drugs in such quantities as their description requires. It is necessary to observe the irrigation regime, remove weeds, and in greenhouse conditions it is imperative to ventilate the room in order to remove high humidity and minimize the risk of developing fungal diseases. Requires weekly loosening of row spacings.

To cope with possible pests of tomatoes (spider mites, naked slugs, bear, aphids, whitefly, thrips), soil mulching and weeding are carried out. The bushes are constantly examined, and if signs of pest damage are found, they are sprayed with insecticides. By experience gardeners, re-treatment with such drugs is required.

You can get rid of aphids on the bushes with soapy water sprayed over the planted tomato bushes. Slugs are afraid of spraying with water with the addition of ammonia.

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