Description of the tomato variety Barin, cultivation features and yield

Description of the tomato variety Barin, cultivation features and yield

It is not difficult to grow a culture on the site, it is enough to show a little hard work and patience. Tomato Barin belongs to varieties that have large fruits. Disease resistance and high yields are important criteria for selecting species for cultivation.

Indicators and characteristics of the variety

The choice of a new variety for planting is an important matter. The criteria for each summer resident differ from each other. The description will help you choose the types that are suitable for the family's needs.


  • Height 80 cm.
  • Ripens within 110-115 days.
  • One brush contains 5–7 tomatoes.

A tomato:

  • Flat-round shape.
  • Weighing 250-300 g.
  • Red.
  • Has 6-8 slots.
  • Stored for 45 days.
  • Shifts carriage.

Planting and leaving

The tomato is suitable for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Summer residents use the seedling planting method. Only the sowing time is determined by everyone independently. Depending on the climatic characteristics of the region.

From the very beginning, small plants require attention and proper care. It was at this time that the foundation for the future harvest was laid. Deserves special attention:

  • Lighting. 14 hours a day, with a lack of sunlight, specially installed lighting devices are used.
  • Humidity and temperature.
  • Top dressing of tomatoes. They use complex drugs and growth-stimulating substances.
  • Dive. It is carried out to make the plant more powerful. In a separate container, the root system forms faster, the stem becomes thicker and straighter.
  • Hardening. Helps seedlings to more easily endure the stress they experience when planting in the ground.

On 1 m2 4-5 plants are planted. It is necessary to pinch and tie up the bushes. Form into 2-3 stems. Feed at least 3 times: after transplanting, during budding, and fruiting.

Water the tomatoes with warm water, preferably in the evening.

Hilling and loosening will provide oxygen to the roots and help retain moisture in the soil. Mulching will serve the same purpose.

Plant immunity

Barin tomatoes are resistant to verticillium wilt and tobacco mosaic virus. Preventive treatment is used against the spread of other diseases.

The use of vegetables in everyday life, the volume of the harvest

Ripe fruits are used for any purpose. Fresh salads, different types of winter preparations are prepared from them. Processed into juices, pasta, sauces. The only drawback of the variety is that large fruits are not suitable for whole canning.

The yield of the variety is 9-12 kg from 1 m2.

Positive and negative about the properties of tomato

As the characteristic of the species shows, the presence of positive qualities prevails. This is a significant plus when choosing a summer resident, a variety for planting.


  • Tomatoes do not crack.
  • Productivity.
  • The shelf life is 1.5 months.
  • Does not depend on adverse conditions.
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • Disease immunity.


  • Requires plant formation.

What do summer residents say about the Barin variety?

Vegetable growers find recommendations and useful tips by reading reviews on culture sites. Gardeners give their opinion and evaluate tomatoes.

  • Alla: “We planted a few bushes. It worked out well for the first try. The harvest pleased me, the taste is excellent ”.
  • User: “I plant tomatoes in a greenhouse. There was an attempt to grow in the open field, the yield decreased. I recommend for planting in protected ground. "
  • User: “Bushes are low, fruits 5 pcs. in the brush. I like the variety very much. "

The Barin tomato variety is unpretentious and undemanding to care for.

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