Instructions for use and composition of Baytril for turkeys, storage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Baytril for turkeys, storage and analogues

Turkey is a serious business or pursuit that delivers delicious dietary meat for home consumption. Turkeys are distinguished by good survival rate, large muscle mass. But even among this bird there are diseases. This is especially dangerous in farms or in estates with a small number of buildings, which does not allow isolating sick individuals. Baytril is a medicine for turkeys that helps with many common and very dangerous infections.

Composition and form of release

"Baytril" is a drug for the treatment of turkeys, the German company Bayer. It is a 10% enrofloxacin solution. Baytril for oral administration is sold packaged in glass vials with aluminum caps. The cardboard package and the Baitril bubble bear the trademark in the form of two colored curved stripes (green and blue).

The volume of the vials: 100 milliliters and 1000 milliliters. The drawing of a chicken and turkey on a dish allows the poultry farmer to easily find the desired product. For small farms, sets of "Baytril" ampoules in 1 milliliter, 50 pieces are suitable. The color of the solution is yellow.

In what cases is used

Baytril is used for bacterial and viral infections, as well as fungal diseases in turkeys. The appointment of the drug is possible with repeated infection and infection with mixed pathogens. Pathogens of diseases such as enrofloxacin are sensitive to:

NameCaused bySigns
Colibacillosis or EscherichiosisColibacillusDiarrhea in young animals.
HemophiliaCocca-like sticksFluid is released from the eyes, nose, beak, and the head swells. More common in monthly turkey poults.
SalmonellosisBacteriaNewborn turkey poults have no appetite, thirst, shortness of breath, whitish-yellow semi-liquid diarrhea, dying cramps.
Necrotizing enteritisBacteriaDisheveled appearance, lack of movement, blood in the droppings.
StreptococcosisBacteriaTousled feathers in turkey poults, conjunctivitis. There may be cramps and diarrhea, joint damage.
HepatitisVirusLethargy, poor appetite, blue skin on the head in small and adult turkeys.
MycoplasmosisBacteriaPurulent fluid from the nose clogs the airways. The bird rubs its nose and head on the ground, wheezes and coughs. Swollen joints, unsteady gait. Chicks quickly suffocate without help.
Marek's diseaseVirusParalysis of the limbs, blindness, lethargy, loss of appetite.

Instructions for the use of "Baytril" for turkeys

Baytril is prescribed to turkeys from the very first days of life. In 10 liters of water, 5 milliliters of the drug are diluted. Drink for 3-5 days. Salmonellosis, mixed infections and chronic ailments in turkeys are treated with a double dose of enrofloxacin. Baytril is a weak antibiotic, therefore, upon discovering painful symptoms in birds, they first of all use it. After using stronger drugs, Baytril will not work.

Side effects and contraindications

Additional painful symptoms after taking Baytril are rare in turkeys. Possible short-term stool liquefaction. If the disorder lasts more than a day, the drug is replaced with another and a course is carried out with the birds to get rid of the problem that has arisen.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Simultaneous use of "Baytril" together with drugs of the tetracycline series, chloramphenicol, Marek's vaccine, macrolides is not allowed.

Enrofloxacin is ineffective for streptococcal infections. If you find them, you do not need to try to apply it. Do not give enrofloxacin to prevent disease.

For breeding, eggs from a turkey are used, laid 2 weeks after treatment with Baytril. Meat and eggs from birds that have recovered are consumed if they are slaughtered no earlier than 11 days after the completion of treatment. Under other circumstances, it is allowed to feed the product to animals.

Storage conditions

Baytril is kept at temperatures from +5 ° C to +25 ° C. Shelf life is 3 years. The storage area should be dark and out of reach of children. After opening the bottle, Baytril is guaranteed to retain its properties for 14 days if left in a concentrated form in its original packaging.


Baitril, as a well-established medicine from the world famous Bayer, celebrating its 150th anniversary, is striving to release other companies as well. There are a number of analogues with the active ingredient enrofloxacin that produce a similar therapeutic effect on turkeys.

EnrosolAgrovette protection S.P. NVC OOO "(Russia)100, 200 and 500 ml in dark glass vials, 0.5 l, 1 l, 2.5 or 5 l in polymer containers with screw caps.
Enrofloxacin 100Hebei Yuanzheng Pharmaceutical, Co. Ltd. (China)1 liter in plastic bottles.
"Noroflox" 10%O.L.KAR.-AgroZooVet-Service (Ukraine)Glass ampoules, 1 each; 2; 5 and 10 ml in cardboard boxes or polymeric dishes of 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 milliliters, 1 l, 2 l, 5 l, 10 l.
Enroflon 10%"VIC" - animal health, "IPUP" (Republic of Belarus)5 ml - glass; 1 l - glass or plastic bottles; 5 l each - plastic cans. Sets of 5 ml vials - 10 pcs. in cardboard boxes.
Enroflox 10%Invesa (Spain)100 milliliters 1 liter each in a polymer container with a first opening control ring.

The shelf life of Baitril analogues is 2-3 years, in a ready-made solution for drinking - 1 day.

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