Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Sillite, dosage of KS and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Sillite, dosage of KS and analogues

Fungicide "Sillite" is an effective contact agent that has pronounced medicinal properties. Also, the composition can be used for prophylaxis. It helps to quickly cope with apple scab and plum clotterosporia. In order for the use of the composition to give results, the instructions should be strictly followed. Compliance with safety rules is of great importance.

Composition and release form of the drug "Sillite"

The active component of the drug is dodin. There are 400 grams of active ingredient in 1 liter of the product. The agent is distinguished by a contact method of penetration and belongs to the chemical class of guanidines. A suspension concentrate is considered a preparative form.

The principle of operation and purpose of use of the fungicide

The active ingredient has a unique principle of action. It helps to stop the infectious process at the initial stage of development. It is recommended to apply the composition no later than 3-4 days after the onset of symptoms of pathology. The agent is characterized by translaminar activity. This means that when processing the upper part of the leaves, the composition also falls on the lower side.

The advantages of the tool include the following:

  1. Fast effect - it appears within a few hours after use.
  2. Resistance to precipitation - the drug is not washed off even after a couple of hours after use.
  3. A long period of protective action - it lasts for 7-10 days even in unfavorable climatic conditions.
  4. Possibility of application at low temperatures - such conditions do not affect the effectiveness of the product.
  5. High efficiency - the drug helps to cope with infections even in the absence of results from the use of traditional substances.
  6. Effective even with significant plant damage.
  7. Rapid redistribution over the surface of crops - this helps to protect shoots that have not been treated with the composition.

Consumption rate

The number of treatments and the dosage of the drug depend on the culture and pathology. The consumption rate of the funds is indicated in the table:

CultureConsumption rate, liters per hectarePathologyProcessing featuresWaiting period (number of treatments)
Apple tree, pear2-2,25ScabTrees should be sprayed during the growing season. For the first time, the substance is used at the stage of the pink bud, the next - with an interval of 7-10 days. Working solution consumption - 1000 liters per 1 hectare.60 (4)
Peach2,25Curly leavesIt is recommended to spray trees during the growing season. The first treatment should be carried out at the stage of the green cone, the next - when a pink bud appears. In this case, it is recommended to spend 1000 liters of working solution per 1 hectare.75 (2)
Cherry, plum2CoccomycosisIt is recommended to spray the plants during the growing season. The first treatment is performed at the green cone stage, the second at the rosebud stage. In this case, it is required to spend 1000 liters of working solution per 1 hectare.20 (2)

Instructions for using the product

For the application of the drug, it is recommended to prepare the working fluid right before spraying. Before using the substance, it is worth measuring the required amount of the drug for 1 refueling of the device.

To make a mother liquor, modern devices use a special device - a mixer. It is recommended to fill it one third with water from the sprayer tank. After that, it is worth placing the required amount of the drug in the mixer for 1 dressing. It is recommended to wash the measuring container in the mixer. To do this, use a special device located inside.

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It is recommended to close the mixer with a lid, after which it is completely filled with water. In this case, the mother liquor is recommended to be stirred. From the mixer, the mother liquor should be fed into the main tank. In this case, the mixer must be running.

After emptying the mixer, wash it and place the remaining mother liquor back into the main tank. Then it is recommended to add water to the full volume and constantly stir with hydraulic devices. It is important to stir the solution when processing cultures.

In the absence of a device, it is worth making the mother liquor in a separate container, and then washing the measuring container and pouring the contents into the sprayer tank. The prepared working solution should be made the same day.

It is recommended to prepare a working solution and fill the device with it at specialized sites. Then they should be disinfected. The refueling area should be located away from water supply sources, residential buildings, farms.

It is recommended to use the drug according to the rules:

  1. Process plants in the morning and evening. In this case, the wind speed should not exceed 4-5 meters per second.
  2. The border area for bees is at least 2-3 kilometers.
  3. Bee years are limited to 20-24 hours.

Do not treat flowering entomophilous crops and any fields covered with flowering weeds during active summer bees or in the presence of insects. It is worth processing crops during the flowering period in the morning and in the evening. This can also be done during the day, in cloudy weather, when the bees stay in the hives. It is recommended to mow weeds along the perimeter of the field during the flowering period. This should be done at a distance from the likely drift of the fungicide.


The use of the product poses a certain danger to fish and algae. Also, the fungicide is dangerous for bees. Therefore, it is recommended to notify beekeepers about this 4-5 days before processing.


The product is compatible in tank mixes with most fungicidal preparations that are used to control apple tree pathologies. At the same time, it is forbidden to combine "Sillite" with preparations containing sulfur, zinc, copper, with Bordeaux liquid and lime. Also, it cannot be combined with "Kaptan", "Fenoxycarb", "Dinocap".

How to store the drug

The composition should be kept in a dry and dark place. Shelf life is 3 years.


The analogs of the means include:

  • Goldazim;
  • Fulgore;
  • "Sinecure".

Sillite is considered a systemic fungicide that is highly effective. It is suitable for the elimination and prevention of fungal pathologies. In this case, the processing should be carried out according to the instructions.

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